Instängd - Mitt Svar Pa Ingenting EP

Крутейший панк рок родом из Швеции!В духе скандинавского панка 80-ых(Headcleaners,Huvudtvatt,Missbrukarnac)C самим Махамедом Али в составе!(ну и Денис из Refused=барабанщик:))
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Descendents - Milo Goes to College (1982)

One of the best punk records ever made
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Meth And Goats - Attack From Meth & Goats Mountain

In a sea of shitty and overpackaged demo CDrs and lame as hell press kits complete with glossy promo shots, you can always find that diamond in the rough worth salvaging. For me that diamond was the midwest's Meth And Goats. I was already familiar with Meth And Goats from their split seven inch with Ten Grand, but haven't heard much from them since. After listening to some of their home recorded tracks on repeat all day I had to wonder why. After subsequent conversations with them about a possible release I knew I had to be involved with their debut full length. Meth And Goats prove that punk rock doesn't have to be overproduced and glossy on "Attack From Meth And Goats Mountain". They rip through 42 minutes worth of post-hardcore dirt-rock comparable to bands like Transistor Transistor, At The Drive In, and The Blood Brothers, but with an originality all of its own. Meth And Goats marry an art damaged punk sound with an absurd amount of spaced out jams, numbing feedback, and distorted screams that reeks of beer and body odor. Raw, rough around the edges, and catchy as sin.

Отличный танцевально-хаотичный шумный рок, с влияниями таких комманд, как: The Blood Brothers,ATDI,Sonick Youth,The VSS.