Shorty was officially born in 1991 under the guise of vocalist Al Johnson and guitarist Mark Shippy. Along with drummer Todd Lamparelli and bassist Luke Frantom, they released three singles and two albums. Their backgrounds were diverse, which contributed to their unique sound. Shippy had formal instruction on piano and did a lot of guitar experimentation, while Johnson had taken flute, piano, and guitar lessons. Lamparelli learned the drums at an early age and performed in school jazz ensembles. Frantom had taken up bass after playing tuba in his high school marching band. When the four of them finally developed Shorty, they made the unconscious decision to hone chaotic blocks of loud rock noise pulling from influences as disparate as Van Halen, drummer Stewart Copeland, Motörhead, and Gang of Four.

Last One In My Mouth Is A Jerk 7'' (1992)
Niggerhat 7'' (1992)
Kaput! 7'' (1993)
Thumb Days (1993)
Fresh Breath (1994)