High Back Chairs

High Back Chairs formed in 1989 and are from the Washington D.C. area.Peter Hayes, who writes most of the songs, also sings and plays guitar, played in a band called the Mourning Glories. He also played in Wonderama with Jeff, Charles,and Geoff Turner (Gray Matter, Three,& Senator Flux). Charles Steck (bass) is a photographer who used to play in the Velvet Monkeys. Jim Spellman (guitar) now plays drums with Velocity Girl. Jeff Nelson (drums) is half partner in Dischord Records. He also played drums in Minor Threat, Three, Senator Flux, and a few others.

High Back Chairs are oriented towards melodic, "pop"-type songs. Pop is a word that applies to the band but nowadays means many things to many people and so it is meaningless. Someone (an unknown source) said that the band "skewers them pop hooks, twirls them over the grill, then slams the whole shebang in your ear and reaches in with tongs and pulls it out the other side. You are left cleansed and refreshed and oddly supercharged, ready to face your demons - inside and out - with Pete's words and melodies hanging in your head like some cool pal reminding you that life is pretty amazing."

High Back Chairs followed up their debut album 'Of Two Minds' with a seven-inch single titled 'Share'b/w'One Small Step'. These two songs formed part of a six-track EP entitled 'Curiosity and Relief', plus four other nuggets of tungsten pop. There's that word again.