Shift was a New York Post-Hardcore band. They started in New York City, some time around 1990, when they were freshmen and sophmores in high school. Their initial goal was to get their friends to dance during the “mosh parts” of their songs at the high school talent show. They did and they knew they were on to something. They started to play clubs around town, and recorded a pair of demo tapes that they sold at shows. Soon they signed to Equal Vision Records and released “Pathos” in 1994 and “Spacesuit” in 1995. Next they moved to Columbia Records and put out “Get In” in 1997 before breaking up in 1998. They toured the U.S. numerous times and Europe twice. They were proud to share the stage with Quicksand, Sick Of It All, Jawbox, Rocket From the Crypt, Foo Fighters, The Offspring, Clutch, Tad, Texas Is The Reason, Shelter, Into Another, Burn, Orange 9mm, 108, Civ, Earth Crisis, The Promise Ring, NOFX, Face To Face, L7, Our Lady Peace, Supertouch, Endpoint, Avail, Killing Time, Local H, Stillsuit, Mind Over Matter and many many other great bands over the years. Samantha has gone on to play drums for Hole, Motley Crue, Eagles of Death Metal and currently, Peaches. Josh formed Big Collapse and released 2 albums. He has new project in the works.

The Meatmen

Что может быть круче чем The Meatmen?
Tesco Vee For President!

Chinese Telephones

Awesome sloppy and catchy punk rock for fns of old Dillinder Four, Off With Their Heads, and Banner Pilot

Self-Titled 7 inch
Split with Dan Padilla
Split with Potential Johns
Split with Anti-Justice
Split with Dear Landlord
Self-Titled LP


I could rant about their history hailing from the early 90's post hardcore band Kosjer D. or their fascination with Joy Division, Dischord, Native Nod & the Dutch soccer player Michael Reiziger or about their jobs in the social sector, their deal with Stickman ... but no ... let's try to focus on their impact on the listener by means of a couple of statements. Reiziger touches your emotion. Easily switching from subdued melancholy to youthful enthusiasm, from restrained contemplation to razor-sharp paroxysms of anger, shifting from feather-light poptunes to a massive dead swing sound but nonetheless always keeping their specific touch. Reiziger was a band. No exasperating individualism, no freaky soloing, the whole is much more than the sum of 4 individuals. Reiziger was beyond a band. Managing to combine escapism with harsh realism & in that sense reminding me of that other great band from Limburg Siglo XX! Moreover 3 of them work at the same floor of a mental institute, they spend their free time together ... rehearsing, touring, hanging out & sharing more or less identical socio-cultural views with other unique belgian bands Reiziger is Reiziger Unique in sound, unique in word, unique in style. RIP 1995-2001
Меланхоличный инди рок родом из Бельгии

Robot Whales

At times, hardcore as a music format seems to stagnate - trends come in, a sound is "it", and all of a sudden the trade off is originality and new ideas. In the face of this, Robot Whales debuts with a sound all their own - blending a groove heavy sound with an atmospheric quality without leaving behind the influences that ground them solidly in the hardcore realm - think Inside Out and Burn colliding with Handsome and Quicksand. The sense that you are listening to something unique and new is present - rarely does a record come out that strikes as hard to your brain as "Vehicle" - infectious is the starting point, addicted is where it leaves you. For anyone who's grown weary with the retread records, Robot Whales delivers.
Ребята играют хардкор в духе поздних Burn, Into Another и у них это неплохо получается:)


Tom Capone (Beyond, Bold, Quicksand) - guitar; Jeremy Chatelain (Insight, Iceburn, Jets to Brazil,Cub Country) - vocals; Pete Hines (Murphy's Law, Cro-Mags, Alloy) - drums; Peter Mengede (Helmet) - guitar; Eddie Nappi (Enemy) - bass

Frank Turner


in the mid 90..s there were alot of cool bands around in the uk,in what you might call the "post hardcore/emo" section i suppose? all forgeing there own unique sound,some more mellow,some more screamy,& some were a bit more rock sounding,& thats the sound we were after,hardcore/emo with a rocky edge to it! over the few years tribute played,our sound did change,but we still tryed to keep those ideas involved,& with 2 different line ups,we started as a 4 piece band in 93/94,heavly influenced by US indie/emo bands,but even then,we had chuggy bits! but after doin a demo & a few gigs,that tribtue split up after a couple of years,but then a new one began,quite quickly,inc a new bass player,& 2nd guitarist,& things started to really take shape! playing quite a few gigs in different citys,at different shows,it was a cool time,having a few record releases,compilations,even a flexidisc! playing with lots of cool UK bands,like baby harp seal,bob tilton,polaris,to name just a few....& US bands too.....but after only a few more years.i think it was sometime in 97? or maybe early 98? it came to an end,after the last split 7" release,which was unfortunate,as we were supposed to be doing a new recording,for a 6 track cd that was planned,we had it kinda organised? but regretably it never did happend,because of many factors,but mainly because the members at that time were spread all over the country,with moving away to uni or new jobs etc,so things wasnt going so good & we just couldnt practice attall,& with time going passed,before we knew it,it was all over.....(с)

Final Exit

The members of Final Exit and Final Exit as a band where known for their uncompromising lifestyle (straight edge) and their hard, fast music. They where around since 87, from the beginning of the Umeå Hardcore scene.
В этом году на Monument Records будет переиздание дискографии (Det egentliga Västerbotten) на виниле + DVD с последним концертом.

Men's Recovery Project

In the early 1990’s, the independent/DIY music world was a very serious place. Enter MRP, intent on pulling the pants down and spoiling the soup of all that was well and good. When no one wanted guitars to sound like puking pigs, they did it ... when synthesizers were being thrown out and ridiculed, they dressed up like Patrick Henry and ate them. The world was retarded and they were the geniuses.Formed in 1993 by Sam McPheeters and Neil Burke , M.R.P. was a signature live act of the Parkinson’s Generation.Men's Recovery Project have released over 200 songs on thirteen records and have toured seven times across the lower 48, Alaska and Japan. They are, to be frank, one of the most beloved bands in all of popular music.The group split in 2002 after Burkes' asthma made touring imposible
Тотальное безумие от бывших участников Born Against!


RORSCHACH featured future members of DEADGUY, BEAUTIFUL SKIN, COMPUTER COUGAR, KISS IT GOODBYE, RADIO TO SATURN, AMBUSH (on and on and on) They were active from 1989 until 1993 and played a significant role in the shaping of metallic hardcore music and its aesthetic as it exists today. Charles Maggio, frontman for the band, is the founder of the Gern Blandsten record label.

Police & Thieves

Featuring members of Youngblood alumnus WORN THIN, as well as members of BALBOA and BLEEDER RESISTOR, they carry on the tradition of melodic hardcore that DC put on the map. These four songs offer incredibly energetic and well played hardcore in the vein of VERBAL ASSAULT or DAG NASTY.

Follow Fashion Monkeys

Хардкор, хардкор! и никакого метала:) Хит! напомнили мне Dead Kennedys, Agent Orange(без серф рифов) Одна из наиболее влиятельных панк рок групп Пенсильвании(Lehigh Valley) середины 8о-ых.Выпустили один лонгплэй в 85(на Clymer Records) В 87 записали новые песни для второй пластинки, но группа расспалась и новый альбом так и не вышел...

Follow Fashion Monkeys were a punk/hardcore outfit out of Bethlehem, PA that helped to influence and define the Lehigh Valley, PA scene. They self-released their self-titled first album in 1985 on Clymer Records. In 1987 they recorded what was to be their 2nd album, “The Diving Bull,” at Inner Ear Studios but the band broke up before it could be released. Two of these tracks made their debut on a couple of compilations


GODSPEED rose from the demise of TURNING POINT and released 6 of the most well structured songs that fall somewhere between emotional hardcore and slower post hardcore tunes. GODSPEED existed for a very short period, played some amazing live shows and parted ways This documents what was done and leaves most wanting more.
Godspeed - группа бывших участников Turning Point (Frank "Skip" Candelor и Jay Laughlin)
группа просуществовала совсем немного, и Swimmer's Ear это их единственный релиз.Отличный пост хардкор.

Crime - San Franciscos Doomed

It's criminal that this band has been so neglected in the annals of punk rock. If you've never heard of them, don't worry about it; they're never mentioned along side names like the Ramones, the Clash, or the Pistols, yet CRIME was every bit as energetic and raw as those groups. It's sad that bad punk bands like Alice Bag have been immortalized on film while CRIME has been mostly forgotten. Sounding more like their British counterparts than the Ramones, the Dead Boys, or hometown contemporaries such as the Avengers and the Dead Kennedys, CRIME was badmouthed by critics and scenesters alike.

The only places you'll find a trace of their existence other than this record are old San Francisco police reports, old copies of Bay Area newspapers, and a small credit beside "Hot Wire My Heart" on Sonic Youth's Sister. CRIME was everything punk stood for: a grating, hard-rocking, passionate rock'n'roll band. They loitered about the Bay Area in SFPD uniforms, attracted violent audiences, and broke up before they had a chance to become "significant". This collection has it all - the great straight-ahead punk of songs like "Frustration" and "San Francisco's Doomed" to the chaotic "Murder by Guitar". Punk rock is dead as hell, and this album drives that fact right home; listening brings on feelings of both melancholia and exhilaration. I recommend it, but with a caveat: look back, but don't stare.

(Mark Kemp)

Great stuff!

Crime Page

Release - The Pain Inside

AWESOME Youth crew hardcore from New Jersey (1988-1990) Band Members: Rob Fish(108, Resurrection, Judas Factor): Vocals, Chris Zusi(Ressurection, Judas Factor, Floorpunch) : Guitar, Greg Shafer : Bass, Chris Caponegro : Drums, Joe Coia : Guitar

Do It!