Men's Recovery Project

In the early 1990’s, the independent/DIY music world was a very serious place. Enter MRP, intent on pulling the pants down and spoiling the soup of all that was well and good. When no one wanted guitars to sound like puking pigs, they did it ... when synthesizers were being thrown out and ridiculed, they dressed up like Patrick Henry and ate them. The world was retarded and they were the geniuses.Formed in 1993 by Sam McPheeters and Neil Burke , M.R.P. was a signature live act of the Parkinson’s Generation.Men's Recovery Project have released over 200 songs on thirteen records and have toured seven times across the lower 48, Alaska and Japan. They are, to be frank, one of the most beloved bands in all of popular music.The group split in 2002 after Burkes' asthma made touring imposible
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