in the mid 90..s there were alot of cool bands around in the uk,in what you might call the "post hardcore/emo" section i suppose? all forgeing there own unique sound,some more mellow,some more screamy,& some were a bit more rock sounding,& thats the sound we were after,hardcore/emo with a rocky edge to it! over the few years tribute played,our sound did change,but we still tryed to keep those ideas involved,& with 2 different line ups,we started as a 4 piece band in 93/94,heavly influenced by US indie/emo bands,but even then,we had chuggy bits! but after doin a demo & a few gigs,that tribtue split up after a couple of years,but then a new one began,quite quickly,inc a new bass player,& 2nd guitarist,& things started to really take shape! playing quite a few gigs in different citys,at different shows,it was a cool time,having a few record releases,compilations,even a flexidisc! playing with lots of cool UK bands,like baby harp seal,bob tilton,polaris,to name just a few....& US bands too.....but after only a few more years.i think it was sometime in 97? or maybe early 98? it came to an end,after the last split 7" release,which was unfortunate,as we were supposed to be doing a new recording,for a 6 track cd that was planned,we had it kinda organised? but regretably it never did happend,because of many factors,but mainly because the members at that time were spread all over the country,with moving away to uni or new jobs etc,so things wasnt going so good & we just couldnt practice attall,& with time going passed,before we knew it,it was all over.....(с)

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