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Хардкор, хардкор! и никакого метала:) Хит! напомнили мне Dead Kennedys, Agent Orange(без серф рифов) Одна из наиболее влиятельных панк рок групп Пенсильвании(Lehigh Valley) середины 8о-ых.Выпустили один лонгплэй в 85(на Clymer Records) В 87 записали новые песни для второй пластинки, но группа расспалась и новый альбом так и не вышел...

Follow Fashion Monkeys were a punk/hardcore outfit out of Bethlehem, PA that helped to influence and define the Lehigh Valley, PA scene. They self-released their self-titled first album in 1985 on Clymer Records. In 1987 they recorded what was to be their 2nd album, “The Diving Bull,” at Inner Ear Studios but the band broke up before it could be released. Two of these tracks made their debut on a couple of compilations

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