South Florida hardcore unit Strongarm formed in the early '90s out of the ashes of various loud and local outfits. It featured guitarists Nick Dominguez and Joshua Colbert, vocalist Jason Berggren, drummer Chris Carbonell, and bassist Chad Neptune. With only a few demos and a self-released EP to its name, the band was snapped up by Seattle indie Tooth & Nail, and the Atonement LP appeared in 1995. The album featured a more expansive sound and vision than the typical hardcore bluster, incorporating odd time signatures, unpredictable chord progressions, and the band's Christian beliefs into the music's usual stomp and aggression. The Advent of a Miracle LP followed in 1997, and solidified Strongarm's reputation (alongside South Florida compatriots Shai Hulud) as a driving force not only in the straight-edge and Christian music communities, but in the larger hardcore scene. Unfortunately, the realities and complicated logistics of being in a band got in the way, and Strongarm disbanded soon after its release. Colbert and Neptune went on to form the emo-ish Further Seems Forever with vocalist Chris Carrabba, but Strongarm did reunite every now and again for reunion shows.

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