Devin Ocampo and Chad Molter have been musical partners, swapping instruments and bands, since their high school days in Los Angeles. Devin migrated east to Washington, DC in 1996 where he joined Smart Went Crazy for their second and final album, Con Art. Chad soon followed and the two formed the highly influential Faraquet with SWC guitarist Jeff Boswell. Faraquet released a couple singles, a split EP with Akarso, and one full-length, The View From This Tower, before disbanding in 2000.

Chad and Devin were again reunited when Medications formed in 2003. The original Medications line-up, which included drummer Andy Becker, released and EP and a full-length ( on Dischord Records and toured extensively in the States and in Europe.

The recording of the new Medications album, CompletelyRemoved, documents a new phase for the band with Chad and Devin covering all the writing and most of the instrumental duties following the departure of Becker. Happily both are accomplished multi-instrumentalists and are joined live and in the studio by longtime friend and musical swing-man Mark Cisneros.

CompletelyRemoved released in April 2010 and the band plans targeted touring in the States, Europe and bey

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