Fuel was a Bay Area post-hardcore musical act that combined melody, power, and raw emotion to create both personal and political songs, something that was unique during the "first wave" of emo in the 1990s. Fuel had a sound akin to early-Hot Water Music and especially Fugazi with twin guitars and dueling rough post-hardcore vocals. In fact, it is noted that Fuel was called "Fuelgazi." Fuel's style has been compared to the D.C. sound of many Dischord bands.
Fuel featured Mike Kirsch (of early Pinhead Gunpowder and a number of other notable punk rock bands) on guitar/vocals, Jim Allison on guitar/vocals, Aaron Arroyo on bass, and Jeff Stofan (also of the White Trash Debutantes at one time) on drums.
In 2008, Alternative Press named Fuel as a group of significant interest in its profile of "23 Bands who Shaped Punk." Jason Black of Hot Water Music and The Draft contributed a testimony for the article citing musical influence.

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