Ink & Dagger

Ink & Dagger was a Vampire-themed punk hardcore band from Philadelphia that formed in 1996. The band was started by the only two permanent members throughout the band's ever changing line up, guitarist Don Devore and vocalist Sean Patrick McCabe after the break ups of their former bands Frail & Mandela Strike Force. Ink & Dagger was very influenced by vampires & they frequently incorporated references to them in their music. During 1996 to 1997 (Love Is Dead EP, & Drive this Seven-inch stake era) they would often paint their faces, play with fake blood, throw up on Christmas trees & have strobe lights on stage. In 1998 when The fine Art of Original Sin came out they stopped wearing the face paint and the music started to lean away from the punk hardcore roots and more towards experimental music, but of course they were still as crazy as ever. In 1999 after extensive touring & recording what was to be the band's final album Ink & Dagger (self titled) , Ink & Dagger formally announced that they were disbanding. In 2000 singer Sean McCabe (at age 27) was found dead in a motel room in Indiana after he had ingested to much alcohol. he had passed out due to the drinking, and choked on his own vomit. In 2010 Ink & Dagger (with Geoff Rickly of Thursday) got back together for some reunion shows In Brooklyn, Philly & LA.

Some members were previously in or went on to be in Crud is a Cult, The Mandela Strike Force, Frail, Amazing Baby, Souls She Said, Lenola, Like A Fox, Elements of Need, Sola, The Icarus Line, Historics, Lilys, Mazarin, Ghost Note, Rain on The Parade, The Telephone Man, SnakeEater, Armbar, Guilt, Life Time, Kid Dynamite, I Am Heaven, 12 Tone System, ISO, The Series, The Interpreters, Soundtrak, The Midnight Sounds, & Some Others.

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