Flower was a New York City indie rock band (June 1986 – 1990) formed by guitarist Richard Baluyut (later of Versus and Whysall Lane), singer/bassist Ian James (later of Cell and French), drummer Rob Hale (also later of Versus), and keyboardist Yosh Najita (formerly of synth band Groan Box). After recording the Crash EP with Kramer at Noise New York studios, Najita and Hale were replaced by Richard's brother Edward Baluyut (also later of Versus) on guitar and Andrew Bordwin (later of Ruby Falls) on drums, and Richard began sharing lead vocal duties. Their final album Hologram Sky was not released domestically in the US, and Ian James was briefly replaced by Fontaine Toups before the band dissolved in 1990. Following the renewed interest in the band generated by the success of Toups and the Baluyuts in Versus, high profile indie label Simple Machines compiled all the band's recordings (except Crash) into Concrete Sky in 1994, and the group reunited for some promotional shows.

Concrete Sky (1987-1990 Compilation)

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