Children Of Fall

Children Of Fall was formed out of the ashes of many now since long defunct bands from the 90's era. Since then many things have come to pass and change, people have made entries and exits and we've moved endless miles geographically and "spiritually" (not to be misunderstood or misinterpreted as being an indication of potential religious belief). We've sworn in blood to seek to inspire others to explore their own passions and pain for this world. To reach beyond our own everyday boredom and find outlets of expression suitable for each an everyone of us. We gather around a system of loose Anarchistic ideas and beliefs. We hold no faith in religions and/or the organized spiritual world, but we have faith in the act of (wo)man and our own potential as human beings. Music has been made one of the languages we speak although most of us have other platforms or ambitions as well. But this medium of blended words and chords has proven to give us the freedom we most desire in our pursuit to give expression to the inner most of all. We're now some 350 DIY shows down the line and just fullfilled our ambitions for our 3rd fullength album "Bonjour Tristesse". In the process of this many things could be said about progress and regress, pleasure and pain but that..s left for the outside world to interpret and judge... We encourage you all to take a deep dive into our music and lyrics and find what needs to be found subjectively to each and everyone. No borders and no boundaries. No pain without a purpose. This is music and the love for it...

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