The Van Pelt

Members of BLONDE REDHEAD, NATIVE NOD, and GREYHOUSE formed THE VAN PELT and began to spread its gospel to the world. On the band's 1996 debut album Stealing From Our Favorite Thieves, "His Saxophone is My Guitar" is a straightforward rocker not too far from the screamy, emotive hardcore roots of the band's founders. Chris Leo's flurry of spoken word vocals swims in a sea of guitar lines on their second full-length, Sultans of Sentiment. The myriad of tempos and moods make songs like "My Bouts with Pouncing" tough to figure out but certainly easy to listen to... over and over and over. This band doesn't come from a blueprint, but was born out of intelligence and emotion. THE VAN PELT broke up in 1997, with two members then forming THE LAPSE and another joining JETS TO BRAZIL.

Chris Leo - Guitar & Vocals
Brian Maryansky - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Toko Yasuda - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
Neil O'Brian - The Drumset

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