Beat Happening

Beat Happening is an underground pop band, formed in Olympia, Washington in 1982. The line-up consists of Calvin Johnson on guitar and vocals, Bret Lunsford on guitar and drums, and Heather Lewis on drums, guitar, and vocals. They democratically rotated instruments. The members met while attending The Evergreen State College and decided to tour Japan, armed with more charisma than musical studies, they recorded their first release (Three Tea Breakfast) in Japan in 1983. Those recordings were released by K on cassette in 1984. In 1985 Beat Happening recorded their first LP Beat Happening. Beat Happening’s first few releases were split between K and other labels such as Sub Pop, Rough Trade and Homestead Records until 1996, when the re-issues kept only the K shield. The fruitful output from 1987 to 1992 included two additional EPs (including a split with Ellensburg, WA’s The Screaming Trees), four singles, a cassette tape and four albums (Jamboree, Dreamy, Black Candy, and You Turn Me On). In 2000, Beat Happening regrouped to record the single “Angel Gone” for K’s International Pop Underground series of 7-inch records. In 2001 the band was profiled in Michael Azerrad’s book Our Band Could Be Your Life, written about bands who were hugely influential in establishing the current landscape of independent record labels. In 2002, K released Crashing Through, a compilation of Beat Happening's work in the form of a 7-disc box set. In addition to his solo albums and performances, Calvin Johnson followed Beat Happening with Dub Narcotic Sound System, Sons of the Soil, and currently plays with The Hive Dwellers and DJs as Selector Dub Narcotic, and continues to wear a lab coat, engineer, mix and make music in the Dub Narcotic Studios. Bret continues to operate Knw-Yr-Own Records, an independent label based in Lunsford’s hometown of Anacrotes, Washington – where he also manages What the Heck Fest, an annual music festival and continues to play with D+.

Beat Happening (1985)
Jamboree (1988)
Split with Screaming Trees
Black Candy (1989)
Split with The Vaselines (1991)
You Turn Me On (1992)
Music to Climb the Apple Tree (2003)

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