Aina has been for years the main band in the spanish indie/punk scene, and one of the most travelled bands around Europe since their birth in 1995. For that reason, their regular visits to the United Kingdom have somehow culminated with the recording of a Peel Session at the BBC in december 02 as only their labelmates The Unfinished Sympathy had done a couple of months before. The only two spanish bands ever to record at the BBC recorded unreleased and alternative material for the occasion, and in the case of Aina it represented a view along their long career, featuring the suite "Bipartite/Two Questions" from their last record "Bipartite" (BCore, 01), "Ice" from Aina (Bcore, 99), "Spring" from their earlyest era (compiled in "Sevens" (BCore, 96) and the fresh "You shook me all night long" by AC/DC. With this Peel Sessions Aina show themselves as the muscular, powerful and precise playing-machine they are in live appearences and that have left hundreds of open-mouthed kids all around europe for years. Wonderful songwriting, personal playing and perfect execution are and have been the credentials of the best Spanish post-hardcore band ever, and with this Peel Session they not only show those qualities but give a chance for us to feel that somehow justice is done. Because, as we all know, sales almost never give a good band any compensation, and only documents like this help us feeling that Aina has reached the place that only real good bands deserve.

Split with The Capitol City Dusters (1997)
Self titled (1998)
Bipartite (2001)

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