All Scars

All Scars are an all-star sextet of post-punk musicians and noisemakers. Some of this band's scarred stars come from such Dischord bands as Fugazi, Beefeater, and Fidelity Jones. Improvised, extemporaneous, impulsive, and unpremeditated sonic outbursts are favored by the All Scars' Jerry Busher, Dug Birdzell, Chuck Bettis, Brendan Canty, James Canty, Amy Farina, and Evan Rapport. With free-spirited convictions in mind, the band journeys into realms of uncharted sound with what appears to be a strong sense of humor. All Scars' explorations can be found on their Early Ambient and Introduction To Humanity albums.

All Scars 7'' (1996)
Early, Ambient (1997)
Introduction To Humanity (1999)
Lunar Magus (2002)

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